Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 9: Home Maker

I am thankful because...
I have a place to call home.

Jesus is preparing a place for me in Heaven! I can just imagine that Jesus is building a place that fits who I am, complete with an ocean, rainforest, and my roof is a skylight to look right into my Daddy's eyes!

My Prince, Jesus, I'm so thankful that you are preparing my home in Heaven... and I'm so thankful that You have provided a home for me here on earth.  With many in the area losing their homes left and right, seeing more and more people on the streets... I'm blessed to be able to walk into a house to call "home", to lounge on a couch, to sit at a table and eat dinner, to curl up in a warm bed and sleep with pillows.

Thank You for taking care of us!

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