Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 2: The Healing Source

I am Thankful for...
a God that heals immediately!
My son gets out of his bath last night and is complaining that his abdomen hurts.  Feel the area and it's hard as a rock! My husband's first instinct - freak out! My first reaction, I grabbed my son's hands and asked him do you believe Jesus can heal you? He said yes.  I prayed for him that God would relieve the pain, cause the swelling to go down, and if there was a foreign entity to make it dissolve.

By the time I got his pajamas on, gave good night kisses to daddy, tucked him bed -- the pain was gone and the hard spot was soft again.  My son turned to me, smiled, and said "the pain is gone, Jesus healed me!"  I smiled back at him and said "Praise the Lord!"
Thank You, God, for being the Master Physician in my family's life!!!

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