Saturday, July 30, 2011

Family Prayer Tree

Looking for a way to get the family praying together without it feeling like a chore to get EVERYONE involved?!?!  Start a Family Prayer Tree.

Order one those tree bulletin board sets, here is a favorite of mine:

Take a wall in the house that everyone passes by, put the tree up without leaves.  Use a ziplok baggie to hold the leaves or make a pocket to put on the wall nearby to hold the leaves.  Have each person take a leaf and a marker to write on the leaf a prayer request of theirs and date it (if a wee one, have them draw a picture and help them date it) and then hang on the tree.  Then pray over each request together.  When you come back together as a family, review the leaves already up on the tree and take them off the tree and stick them around the bottom like a fall tree scene that shows God answered it and write the date God answered it.

This will be a living visual of how God WORKS in your lives and cares about everyone's request no matter how simple, how complex, how weird, how strange, how impossible...

Chore Lapbook

So, if you are like me you probably have MANY things to do at home... wash the dishes, do the never-ending laundry, clean windows, pick up toys, vacuum, dust, and the list goes on and on.  Well, I decided to take a lapbook and turn it into a fun chore chart that will also help with learning the days of the week, counting money, and I added some special surprises too!

Front Cover
I used an orange file folder and did a shutter book fold.

Days of the Week: I used one of those bracket sliders, so I can switch the day on top each day and add the chores and/or surprise petal book.
Chore Pocket: Contains pictures of different chores (dusting, car wash, vacuum, clean toilet, wash dishes, etc.)
Extras: These are pictures of "special" times to be added to the surprise book on a day (I will use this sporadically) but I included things like ice cream cone, fruit snacks, movie night, extra 10 minutes of play time, etc.
Rewards envelope: This is where I will put "play" money, for Jordan to open once chores are complete on that day.
Earned $ Pocket: Puts the "play" money to turn in at the end of the week for "real" money.

Back Cover
This is where Jordan will learn to count money.  Since I am using "play" quarters, I will have him stack them 4 high on each circle to represent $1.  When he gets to the last square, which is 15, he can then go shopping for a new toy (which will most likely be a new Thomas Train).

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Preschool Ocean Lapbook

I found some amazing resouces online to create a lapbook, in case you don't know what that is... it all started with the Mormons.  They created "quiet books" for their children to use during service times, that's filled with memory verses, pocket card activities, writing skills, etc.  So, I adapted some versions of what already exists with some of my own ideas and created an ocean themed lapbook for Jordan.  This will be book #2 of a Creation study series...

Jordan decorated the cover with stickers.  I added a Creation Day 2 image and inside the petal book
is a memory verse: Genesis 1:10 "God made the land and seas."

"O" is for the ocean.  The starfish will be covered with glue and sand for texture.
"In the Ocean" minibook contains different animals and their picture that live in the sea.

Starfish is laminated and is a color by number, use dry erase markers.
Color matching pocket contains cards of different colors and the coloring animal book is for one-time use with crayons.
The flagbook works on counting number 1-5.
Who Lives in a Tide Pool - the pockets contain pictures of different animals in a tide pool, I laminated and put velcro backing on them to attach inside the book to the correct word.

Counting numbers 1-20
Summer Sandcastle - inside are foam shapes that can be rearranged at anytime for different castles
Beach Safety Book - pictures of what you can and can't do at the ocean
Pattern Board - laminated and velcro backing for use again and again
Word matching to pictures

My 5 Senses minibook goes with the book "Hello Ocean"
Envelope with different sea animals and their names (flash cards).
Pattern chart to find the different object, laminated, use dry erase markers.

Animal Cards to work on beginning sounds, laminated, use dry erase markers to circle letter.
Sea Gulls mini book talks about what they drink/eat; what they look like; and where they live.
Ocean Animal ABCs mini book, example: C is for Crab
Match the Animals pocket - cards with different animals for memory game

Beginning Writing
Tracing different line movements and letter 'O'
I'm a Little Fishy song to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot"