Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3 - No Disappointment

I am thankful because...
I have a God that does NOT disappoint me.

And this hope will not lead to disappointment.  For we know how dearly God loves us, because He has given us the Holy Spirit to fills our hearts with love. ~ Romans 5:5

Ever experienced disappointment? It's not a picnic, nor a party... actually, many times it leaves us hurt, empty and feeling alone.  Sometime we, as women, will even question our self-worth when we are disappointed.  If we are married, we might even let that "D" word enter our minds when we've been disappointed by our husbands more times than we can count on our hands.

I am SO glad that I have come to learn that people WILL disappoint me! Why? Because we are human! Actually, I disappoint people too... do I mean to? No. Do I want to? No. Actually, I'm a person that if I could please everyone, I would try - but I gave up on that awhile back when God started showing me it wasn't important for me to win the approval of others.  It wasn't important for me to try to gain encouragement from others.  It wasn't important for me to gain the love I desired from my husband.  Why? Because God pointed me to Romans 5:5... basically, God said LOOK TO ME! I will NOT disappoint you! Bring all of my hopes to Him and watch Him make them happen!!!

Well, I am SOOOO thankful that I turned to Him with my hopes...
  • My husband and I were both told we would never have kids... we have a beautiful son who is 3 years old and very strong and healthy.  God intervened!
  • My husband and I struggled in the first 5 years of our marriage that divorce seemed like an answer... we ended up renewing our vows for 5th anniversary to wipe the slate the clean and start over fresh.  God intervened and is STILL the glue that holds us together!
  • My husband got laid off from his job and was pushing over 2 years on unemployment with the state wanting to cut off pay... just before pay was cut off, God provided him a job through the company I was at.  God intervened!
  • I was working full-time and tested the waters to see if a part-time job with the right pay would open up... the perfect job came into alignment and I get to be home with my son more.  God intervened!

Give your hopes to God - He will NEVER disappoint you!!!

Do I still have high hopes... YES! And all those hopes are in God's hands, I'm just waiting for God to intervene.

Thank You, God, that you never disappoint me and always intervene when hope seems impossible.


  1. WOW Bekah thank you for these words today. They hit me right where I needed them. God is GOOD that is forsure through the good and the bad.. Blessings

  2. Blog hopped from Becoming a Strong Woman of God Thanksgiving Challenge... I love this post. What a great reminder that my HOPE is in HIM!! I struggle with that "people pleaser" syndrome. I am doing much better in this area, yet I find myself back in the rut from time to time. HE is FOR US!! He is mindful of us and HE will bless us!! His ways are higher than ours and the outcome well, it is soo much sweeter!!! Thanks for sharing your heart!!

  3. Nice words... God bless you

    Love your list.. bless you!