Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 8: An Ordained Life

I'm thankful because...
God has ordained my life.

An ordained life? Yes! I know can be hard to grasp, but I'm so thankful God has ordained my foot steps in life.  Why am I thankful for that? Because though He orchestrates my life, it lets me know...

(1) I do not have to live stressed out!
Yes! I can be stress free! Why? Because I don't have to TRY to make my days in my life "work" - God has already set the path before me, I just have to walk it!

(2) God is with me ALWAYS!
Since God has ordained my life and He has made the path for me to walk on - that also means that He is with me ALWAYS! Every where I go, He is with me.  He is there to help when I fall.  He is there to wipe my tears when I'm sad.  He is there to hug me when I feel alone.  Every step of the way in my life, God is there with me.

(3) God makes sure that I'm completing the purpose He put me here for.
God has a purpose for me! And He ordained my life, so that all the gifts within me would bring me enjoyment and bless others.  Whatever His purpose for me is - it will be accomplished!

Thank You, God, for blessing my days, for providing the path for me each day, and ordaining my foot steps to accomplish Your Work!

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