Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 6: Prosperity Promise

I am thankful because...
God promises to make me prosperous.

Have you ever looked up the word "prosper" in the Bible? It's amazing how many Scriptures of promise there are on this.

I truly believe my favorite one is this:

"I will bless this city and make it prosperous; I will satisfy its poor with food." Psalm 132:15

To me this verse is fitting for the area that I live in...
  • Homeless shelters actually have reached max limits
  • People losing homes left and right
  • Jobs are few and far between
  • Crime increasing all around
Now some people might think "why do you live there?!" but I don't ask that question to myself, instead I've come to realize that God is growing me through this time and place of where I am at.  I am seeing God provide for my family and I on a daily basis... and God has even given us opportunities to share with those less fortunate around us.  The stories I have heard are heart breaking... but it has been an honor to share the love of Jesus with these people.

I am standing on Psalm 132:15 for my city and my household will be the light house in our neighborhood and in our city for those that need the love of Jesus in their lives.  My household will be a family on our knees for this city and change will take place, even if it is one house/person at a time.

Thank You, God, that promise to bless my city and make it prosper! Not one person will go without!

Will you be on your knees for your city?

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