I truly believe God has called me to be the homemaker, and to assist my husband in making sure the home runs smoothly.  

Here you can find the following:

  • Our House Rules
    This is based 100% on Scripture.  My husband and I sat down and went through what "rules" we wanted in our home, lined it up with Scripture.  Once this was complete, we had a family meeting to go over the rules of the home and explained that God also wants us to do these things, which makes Him happy.
    *Note: I snagged this idea from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler
  • Our Consequence Chart
    This chart goes with the House Rules, when a rule is not followed, we have listed out the consequence to come.  We went over this in our family meeting too.  Our "motivator" is happy and sad faces.  We give out sad faces when a rule is broken, but we also give our happy faces when a rule is followed (caught being good!).  So, once the rule is broken, we give a sad face, then I take my son to this chart and read the Scripture that God is telling us what we need to do, then perform the disciplinary action.
    *Note: I snagged this idea from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler
  • Time Out Prayer Cards
    These cards are hung in our "Time Out" area.  After time out is over, I pull out the time out prayer card that is associated with the rule broken and have my son repeat the prayer after me.  This is to teach him that (1) I have sinned by disobeying; (2) I need to ask for forgiveness; and (3) God forgives me and gives me the strength to choose to obey.  Then we do hugs and kisses and move on.
  • Chore Lapbook
    My son participates in helping around the house and he is assigned 3-4 tasks per day.  I have given him chores that are easy for him to do and safe for him to do on his own with little supervision.  He gets rewards for completing his chores and at the end of the week, he turns his rewards in for a prize from the "surprise box".
  • Weekly Goals Chart*
    This chart is for daily goals for my son, they are things that are "expected" of him.  We tried rewarding for each individual thing he did, but it got to the point where we had more misbehavior and tons of whining for a "reward", so I switched to this and it WORKS! I give out stickers for completing these goals, if he gets all his stickers for the day then he gets a reward or special treat.

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