Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week 3 - Making My Home a Haven

Making My Home a Haven Challenge

Week 3 Assignments
  • Make a list of areas in your home that are visually stressful because of the clutter and clear them out.
  • Consider any spiritual "clutter" you've noticed. What gets in the way of peace in your life?
  • Continue last week's assignments.

Clutter, oh my, clutter.  See, I'm one of the people that is VERY organized ONLY about certain things... like school work, office work, but when it comes to the home... I have like little piles everywhere that are titled "MY MESS".  Those piles of mess though ARE organized to me and ONLY me.  I guess it's that creative instinct in me, who knows... but I truly DO know everything in a pile of mess.  Actually, if I move it, then I get confused.

So this weeks challenge was HARD for me.  But I decided to take my piles of messes and find an organization system for them.  So every place where a pile of mess was - I put a cute basket in place that was out of the way and organized it inside the basket with colorful file folders to label sections for easy filing.  Then I had my son pick out a basket of his own and we decorated it - this basket became his "put away" basket.  So, when it's clean up time at the end of the day, he puts it all in the basket and wheels it into his room to put everything away.  Worked out GREAT! And has helped me save time on cleaning! :)

As for spiritual clutter, God has been dealing with me personally on small things that I have overlooked in my life.  But these things that I thought were "small" were actually vital to some very important people in my life.  I went through some forgiveness time, and then seeking the Holy Spirit to change me - I can't say I have arrived.  I am a work in process.  God is helping me and "patience" is a definite virtue that I need to work on MORE!!!

My son is absolutely enjoying this challenge with me, I love being asked "can we light the peace candles?" and now he wants to help light them with me.  So we walk through each room and as we light each one he'll say "Thank You, God, for peace in our home."

I can truly say that peace is beginning to reign in our home... and we've had some testings come up to try and disrupt that peace, but we CHOSE to be peaceful instead.  We conquered these testings, some we failed - but Thank God, they are only tests! :)

How is your week 3 coming along?

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