Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Challenge: Week 2

Making My Home a Haven Challenge

Week 2 Assignments

Peaceful music? What?! That's like a HUGE challenge in my home, as my son thinks Veggie Tales is "peaceful" and my husband would prefer hearing the hum dum of announcers for a football game... so, I just had to laugh this off! Did I play peaceful music? Yes, Veggie Tales for my son - which had that song, "Peace like a river, I've got peace like a river, I've got peace like a river in my soul" - totally fit the theme; and when the hubby turned on the announcers, I turned on the iPod and listened to the following:

Yes! Rock-n-Roll for this girl!!! But the words in the songs speak volumes and help me enter into the presence of God, where I experience the fullness of His peace and He consumes me.

 Do I like softer music? Most definitely.  I'm not partial to any "one" type of style of music.  I also listen to the following for peace:

This CD absolutely will melt your heart and want to make you RUN into the Father's arms and just rest there! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this CD - and so does the rest of the family - so this was a WINNER in our home.

What were the "winners" in your home?

As for focusing on peaceful words, I decided to use Scriptures.  Why not? They are the LIVING Word of God and can bring peace far beyond than we can imagine.  So, I created a powerpoint of "peace" Scriptures and then I created a "Peace" Binder.  I would play the powerpoint with out music throughout the day and pull out the "Peace" binder in the morning and in the evening before bed to read through the Scriptures with my son (morning) and together as a family (evening).  This has been such a wonderful experience for ALL of us -- and I am seeing that I am becoming to "slower" to anger, watching my son memorize the verses, and seeing my husband relax when he comes home -- I couldn't ask for anything more, as that makes me SOOOOO happy!!!

And of course, we still light the "peace" candles every day -- my son LOVES this!

How is your week 2 coming along?

Blessings and Peace to you,


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