Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Party Ideas with a Christian Impact

Below are a couple of great party ideas with a Christian impact ...

Theme: Daniel and the Lion's Den
  • Game: Daniel and the Lions' Den
    Make a "whiskerless" lion to attach to the wall.  You can use a projector to trace the face of a lion on posterboard and then paint.  Once dry, attach to the wall.  Put velcro strips (fuzzy side) on the lion's face for whiskers.  Then put velcro stips (the stick side) onto ping pong balls.  Have your child try to attach the balls onto the whiskers of the lions.

    Ask: Why are the lions' mouths closed?
    (because God protected Daniel in the lion's den)
  • Craft: Pom-pom Lion Pencil Topper

    Unsharpened Pencils (1 per child)
    1" brown pom-pom (1 per child)
    1/4" gold/tan pom-poms (4 per child)
    Black Felt (1 square piece per child)
    Brown & Orange Tissue Paper
    Circle shape cut out of cardstock

    1. Hot Glue the circle shape to the top of the pencil.
    2. Glue the Brown pom-pom to the center of the circle.
    3. Glue the small gold/tan pom-poms (2 on top for ears, 2 on top of the brown pom-pom to make the snout of the lion).
    4. Cut out a triangle and 2 circles from black felt, glue on the pom-pom for ears and nose.
    5. Rip brown/orange tissue paper and glue around the pom-poms to make the mane of the lion.
  • Snack: Lion Crackers
    You need 1 Ritz cracker, three mini M&M's and two licorice strings per child.  You will also need peanut butter and julienned carrots.

    1. Coat the cracker with peanut butter.
    2. Use the mini M&M's to make eyes and a nose.
    3. Use licorice string to make whiskers.
    4. Use the julienned carrots to make the mane.
  • Puzzle: What's Missing?
    Use a coloring page of Daniel in a den.  Tell the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den and then have the children draw what is missing (lions, angel, etc.) and color the rest of the page.
Theme: Walls of Jericho

  • Game: Walls of Jericho
    Using cardboard blocks make a wall and give the child a playground ball.  Child rolls it to knock down the wall.

    Say: Joshua was a great leader! With God's help the walls of Jericho came tumbling down!
  • Snack: Crumbling Walls
    Need: chocolate milk, plastic cup, graham crackers, frosting (any flavor)

    1. Frost the graham crackers and sandwich together.
    2. Place the graham cracker sandwich inside the plastic cup.
    3. Pour the chocolate milk over the graham cracker sandwich.
    4. Watch the walls crumble.
  • Game: Be Silent! Shout!
    Play the cake walk game, only the kids have to walk around to no music and being VERY quiet 6 times around and on the seventh time around, they walk to the music, shouting and making lots of noise - when the music stops, draw the number and they win!

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!


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