Thursday, July 28, 2011

Preschool Ocean Lapbook

I found some amazing resouces online to create a lapbook, in case you don't know what that is... it all started with the Mormons.  They created "quiet books" for their children to use during service times, that's filled with memory verses, pocket card activities, writing skills, etc.  So, I adapted some versions of what already exists with some of my own ideas and created an ocean themed lapbook for Jordan.  This will be book #2 of a Creation study series...

Jordan decorated the cover with stickers.  I added a Creation Day 2 image and inside the petal book
is a memory verse: Genesis 1:10 "God made the land and seas."

"O" is for the ocean.  The starfish will be covered with glue and sand for texture.
"In the Ocean" minibook contains different animals and their picture that live in the sea.

Starfish is laminated and is a color by number, use dry erase markers.
Color matching pocket contains cards of different colors and the coloring animal book is for one-time use with crayons.
The flagbook works on counting number 1-5.
Who Lives in a Tide Pool - the pockets contain pictures of different animals in a tide pool, I laminated and put velcro backing on them to attach inside the book to the correct word.

Counting numbers 1-20
Summer Sandcastle - inside are foam shapes that can be rearranged at anytime for different castles
Beach Safety Book - pictures of what you can and can't do at the ocean
Pattern Board - laminated and velcro backing for use again and again
Word matching to pictures

My 5 Senses minibook goes with the book "Hello Ocean"
Envelope with different sea animals and their names (flash cards).
Pattern chart to find the different object, laminated, use dry erase markers.

Animal Cards to work on beginning sounds, laminated, use dry erase markers to circle letter.
Sea Gulls mini book talks about what they drink/eat; what they look like; and where they live.
Ocean Animal ABCs mini book, example: C is for Crab
Match the Animals pocket - cards with different animals for memory game

Beginning Writing
Tracing different line movements and letter 'O'
I'm a Little Fishy song to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot"

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