Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chore Lapbook

So, if you are like me you probably have MANY things to do at home... wash the dishes, do the never-ending laundry, clean windows, pick up toys, vacuum, dust, and the list goes on and on.  Well, I decided to take a lapbook and turn it into a fun chore chart that will also help with learning the days of the week, counting money, and I added some special surprises too!

Front Cover
I used an orange file folder and did a shutter book fold.

Days of the Week: I used one of those bracket sliders, so I can switch the day on top each day and add the chores and/or surprise petal book.
Chore Pocket: Contains pictures of different chores (dusting, car wash, vacuum, clean toilet, wash dishes, etc.)
Extras: These are pictures of "special" times to be added to the surprise book on a day (I will use this sporadically) but I included things like ice cream cone, fruit snacks, movie night, extra 10 minutes of play time, etc.
Rewards envelope: This is where I will put "play" money, for Jordan to open once chores are complete on that day.
Earned $ Pocket: Puts the "play" money to turn in at the end of the week for "real" money.

Back Cover
This is where Jordan will learn to count money.  Since I am using "play" quarters, I will have him stack them 4 high on each circle to represent $1.  When he gets to the last square, which is 15, he can then go shopping for a new toy (which will most likely be a new Thomas Train).

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